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About Us

At Laurin Legal Research, we deliver uncompromising research development services to our clients. We are focused on assessing our clients’ narrow and detailed legal questions, using the right resources to produce a high-quality and comprehensive overview of the relevant issues in the state of the law.

-We deliver high calibre client services from the moment of First contact-

With a varied background and a breadth of research experience stemming across a variety of topics within both Canada’s top universities and in the private sector, our group of researchers is comfortable navigating niche issues. These skills, combined with elite legal training, allow us to authoritatively provide our clients with excellent legal research. We help our clients achieve complete understanding of the state of the law in the narrowest of spaces when they are giving advice.


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Our strength is derived from clear and prompt communication with our clients and we ensure that our research provides excellent value not only in producing detailed and informative legal literature, but in lightening our clients’ heavy workloads.

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